Parker Says…

Last night Parker and I had some Royals tickets we couldn’t turn down, even if it was a school night.  So what’s a good, responsible mom to do?  Go to the game, of course.

Parker is a huge Royals fan, always has been.  This year, I notice he’s doing more than learning the players.  He’s really focusing on their stats, facts shared by the announcers and even how the pitchers hold the ball when they pitch.  Does he get bored?  No way, he’s totally in his element!

We happened to be in the front row in left field and in our row, there were only 4 seats.  About halfway through the game, I noticed the nice man was tweeting some of the comments Parker was making.

Here is a highlight of some of Parker’s commentary from the game:

“Royals rule, Tigers drool”  yelled about 37 times throughout the game

“Mom, why does it say Mike hashtag 8 Moustakas?”  That’s not a hashtag son, it’s a number sign

“Mom, do you have head lice?”  Apparently they learned about lice in kindergarten yesterday.

“Look Mom, #41 is pitching to #41”  Very observant kid!

And my favorite, “WE BROKE THE CURSE!!”

Last year, we attended 9 games.  Even though this was the World Series winning season, we only saw the team win 1 time.

We were happy to get a victory!

Here’s to making memories, eating $1 hotdogs and sharing my love for the Royals with the next generation.