Have you ever listened to this song?  Really listened to the words?

My favorite line in the song is,

“My heart will choose to say, Lord
Blessed be Your name, Lord”

I remember a time, right after one of our dearest friends passed away unexpectedly, this song was sung in church.  I couldn’t sing along.  At that point, I couldn’t choose to just “Bless the Lord” but deep down, I knew some day I would be able to.  Each week, I got closer until I could finally sing the song again.

Isn’t life all about choices?

We choose to start our day with a positive attitude or a negative attitude.  We choose to respond to rude people with the same rudeness or to kill them with kindness.  It’s all about our choices.

We choose what we eat and drink.  We choose how we prioritize our time each day.  We choose who we spend time with.  We choose to dwell on the negative or look for the positive.  Life is full of choices.

I choose to trust God.  I choose to find the good in people.  I choose to believe the best is yet to come.  I choose to make my family the priority in my life.

What are you choosing?

YouTube video:
Uploaded on Nov 21, 2008

The Song Blessed Be Your Name Turned into a worship video made for you to worship our God.


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