I hate it when he’s right

Blake has always been against getting a trampoline for our kids. He always said they are too dangerous.  We had one when I was growing up. I didn’t remember them being dangerous. 

Imagine our surprise when Santa brought a trampoline Christmas morning!

Fast forward to yesterday, the first day warm enough to put the new trampoline together.  After a slow start and some help from great neighbors, the trampoline was all ready for fun. The kids and their friends jumped and jumped and had a great time. 

Later that day, I decided to give the trampoline a whirl. How long has it been?  Probably at least 15 years…

It wasn’t too long into the jumping  that I realized that it’s more tiring than I can remember. We were having a great time until Parker went flying through the air and landed on his hand. 

Parker is not a complainer. I witnessed this kid several years ago clothesline himself while riding a bike and riding right into the tailgate of the truck. I was scared to look at what damage had been done but he jumped up and was fine. The kid doesn’t get hurt and if he does, it never stops him. 

Last night he whined a little about his hand but kept on with his nightly fun. This morning, he wasn’t able to get dressed or use his hand much. 

After a quick trip to urgent care, we learned it’s just a strain and just needs to rest for awhile. Thank goodness!  I’m already in the doghouse but if he had broken his hand, I would never hear the end of it.

Lesson learned:  I only jump on the trampoline alone. The kids can’t handle all this fun. 



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