Social Awkwardness

People and their behaviors are strange.

Most of the time I live in my own little world and don’t pay attention to other people but lately, I have started noticing somethings.

I consider myself an nice, polite person.  I would never knowingly do or say something that would hurt someone’s feelings, BUT I am very sarcastic and notorious for sticking my foot in my mouth.

The thing I’ve been noticing lately comes more with manners.  I will always hold a door for someone, smile in passing, that sort of thing.  Am I strange?  I notice people walking by me all the time, they don’t make eye contact or speak.  Many times it’s even people that I know.  No matter who I pass in the hallway at work or in the aisle at Walmart, if I’m not distracted, I will always make contact and smile or say hello.  This doesn’t seem to be the case with others.

So which person in that scenario is socially correct?  Am I a weird, stalker girl because I’m overly friendly?  Is it common courtesy to say hello in passing or at least make eye contact and smile?

Things that make me go hmm….


2 thoughts on “Social Awkwardness

  1. Cheryl Mutch says:

    You are right on, Amy. I am with you. I, too, was taught to be polite, and will continue to try to do so, even if it makes me a “weird, stalker girl”!

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