A Look Back at 2014

2014 was an interesting year.  The highs were high and the lows were low.

Blake and I celebrated 10 great years of marriage with a trip (my first) to Vegas.

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This girl turned 8.


This guy got his first turkey and it was yummy!


Parker’s love of go-carts and the ultimate fight for the best go-cart driver began


My baby cousin graduated high school.


I decided to change things up in my library which resulted in moving over half the books and causing a lot more work for myself…in the end it was worth it.


We took an awesome vacation where we got to relax and strengthen our love for the beach.  It was hard to come home.

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Paige gave back to the community with her own very successful service project.

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We started yet another school year…

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This guy turned 5.


Attended the most exciting game in Royals history…The Wildcard Game

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Made dreams come true as we attended a World Series game where the Royals actually got to play…even though we lost, it sure was fun.  How many days until catchers and pitchers report?

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Once the Royals lost, things took a turn…

I got an extra fall vacation while I recovered from carpal tunnel surgery


I started 2014 having only lost one grandparent.  This year, I lost both of my grandmas in two months time.  I don’t have words to say what that has been like.  I’m learning every day how to live without Grandma.  Even when someone has been sick for so long, you still can’t imagine what this world will be like without them.


I wish you peace, health and love for 2015.  I’m hoping it’s the best one yet.