Banned Books Week 2014

It’s that time of year again, Banned Books Week.  In the past I have tried out different displays but I have never caused the buzz that I did this morning.

photo (11)This display probably took less time to put together than all of the other displays I have ever made, but it has caused teachers to come in and see what all the talk is about and students are wanting to know what is going on…

It’s simple.  I took a book cart, had library helpers find books off of ALA’s Most Challenged Books list, printed out a couple of quotes off of Pinterest, borrowed a chain, and VOILA!  The halls are buzzing.

Are you banning those books?

Why can’t I check those books out?

What’s wrong with those books?

All of these questions lead to conversations which made kids think.

photo (12) photo (13)

Then I headed to the classroom. I presented a lesson on Banned Books Week.  I’m quick to point out that as students, their parents are allowed to tell their own child what they can and cannot read.  It’s when they try to say what everyone can and cannot read, that’s when we have a problem.

The conversations are always to great on Banned Books lesson day.  It’s fun to show students what books have been challenged around the country and why.  I enjoy making students think and getting their opinions on all of this banned book stuff.

I always feel sorry for the teachers who teach these students next because they leave pretty fired up!

Happy Banned Books Week!  Exercise your freedoms and go read something today!


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