Thankful Wife

So today we had a family day at the pumpkin patch.  It was great, it’s so much more fun when as the kids get older but on to other topics…

After we were finished we stopped at a restaurant to have a late lunch.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy but the host put us right next to a large table of women and their children.

I’m the first to admit that my kids can cause a scene and embarrass me and they have many times…

These women had out of control children.  Like I said, my children are far from perfect, but when they scream or run away and climb on other booths, I try my best to stop them.  Oh no, these women had more important priorities…like their sangrias.

So one mom marches her kids outside and A) ties them to a bench or B) has someone pick them up and the kid part settled down quite a bit.  There was one random screamer but there’s one in every crowd I guess.

These women were the type of women who talked loud and you could tell, they think they are pretty hot stuff, which made it easy to eavesdrop.  It almost became a game for me as I tried to hear what they were talking about.

Apparently their men were all together somewhere (my guess is the Chiefs game).  They were worried about if they were getting in to fights and how they were going to drive all the vehicles home.  They kept texting their men and calling them.  They spent their whole lunch worrying about what the men were doing and then decided to rush off and save them.

First of all, I wondered the whole time why we were sitting right next to them when there were so many other nice tables but secondly…I was just thankful.

Thankful that my man chose to be with us at a muddy pumpkin patch instead of off with awesome sidekicks who would talk him in to a life of crime.

Thankful that I have never once worried if he was getting in a fight somewhere.

Thankful that my children don’t see us boozing it up and cussing.

Thankful that we take the time to fix the bad behaviors in our children instead of ignoring them.  Yes it’s harder but that’s why we see improvement.

We might have a boring life where we sit around and play games, order pizza, watch sports, or whatever, but I’m thankful for our life and my man who sees the importance of spending time with the people who matter and being a good role model to the little people in our lives.




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