Thankful Wife

So today we had a family day at the pumpkin patch.  It was great, it’s so much more fun when as the kids get older but on to other topics…

After we were finished we stopped at a restaurant to have a late lunch.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy but the host put us right next to a large table of women and their children.

I’m the first to admit that my kids can cause a scene and embarrass me and they have many times…

These women had out of control children.  Like I said, my children are far from perfect, but when they scream or run away and climb on other booths, I try my best to stop them.  Oh no, these women had more important priorities…like their sangrias.

So one mom marches her kids outside and A) ties them to a bench or B) has someone pick them up and the kid part settled down quite a bit.  There was one random screamer but there’s one in every crowd I guess.

These women were the type of women who talked loud and you could tell, they think they are pretty hot stuff, which made it easy to eavesdrop.  It almost became a game for me as I tried to hear what they were talking about.

Apparently their men were all together somewhere (my guess is the Chiefs game).  They were worried about if they were getting in to fights and how they were going to drive all the vehicles home.  They kept texting their men and calling them.  They spent their whole lunch worrying about what the men were doing and then decided to rush off and save them.

First of all, I wondered the whole time why we were sitting right next to them when there were so many other nice tables but secondly…I was just thankful.

Thankful that my man chose to be with us at a muddy pumpkin patch instead of off with awesome sidekicks who would talk him in to a life of crime.

Thankful that I have never once worried if he was getting in a fight somewhere.

Thankful that my children don’t see us boozing it up and cussing.

Thankful that we take the time to fix the bad behaviors in our children instead of ignoring them.  Yes it’s harder but that’s why we see improvement.

We might have a boring life where we sit around and play games, order pizza, watch sports, or whatever, but I’m thankful for our life and my man who sees the importance of spending time with the people who matter and being a good role model to the little people in our lives.




A Day to Remember

Fall is a memorable time of year.

There starts to be a crispness to the mornings, you get back in a routine of going to school, pumpkin-flavored everything starts appearing, and the leaves start changing colors.

For me, fall has another memory attached to it that is bittersweet.

In September of 2008, we got the exciting news that our family would become a family of four.  One week later, we got the unforgettable news that for whatever reason, that baby’s life was over.

It was one week.

Eight days, I believe.

It’s amazing how your world can change and then come crashing down in eight days.  If I hadn’t been so aware, I might never have even known that baby had a place in my heart.

We hadn’t told many people yet…we were waiting til it was safe…but then I was grieving in silence because not many people knew.  People probably thought I was just in a grouchy mood, they didn’t realize I was grieving for my child.  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but at the same time, I wanted to crawl in a hole and not talk to anyone.  How do you start that conversation?

We survived that dark time.  With the help of God, my family, my amazing husband and super cute little 2 year old, I healed.  I know that there is another child of mine that is hanging out in heaven with some pretty awesome people, just waiting to meet me.

One year later, Parker was born.  Crazy, funny, super-smart, tough, cuddly Parker…

I don’t pretend to understand why God’s plan is the way it is.  I do know that I can’t imagine my life without Parker.

Just one thing

I’m the first to admit that this parenting thing is hard work.  I’m the one that has to carry my son out of the public library because he doesn’t want to be done with the computer.  I’m the one who’s daughter asks for everything she sees at Walmart and thinks she should be able to buy everything.  I’m the one who forgets to sign her daughter’s planner.  I’m the one who buys popcorn chicken at Walmart for my kids to eat for dinner too often.  The TV is on too much and the list could go on and on.

Last week the nights were great in our house.  I’m not sure if it was preschool or a bribe from a neighbor but Parker has slept in his bedroom, without a fuss for the entire night for 6 nights straight.  I can’t even remember the last time he slept all night in his room for one night, let alone going on a week!  Usually even if he starts in his bed, he ends up on my floor in a sleeping bag.  I’ve never fought the sleep thing too hard.  I’m a big believer in choosing my battles.  I’m not a fan of a “family bed”.  There’s nothing about feet and elbows poking me all night that is wonderful to me, but I also don’t think most high school kids still sleep in their parents room, so I haven’t been too strict.  Paige used to never want to sleep in her bed and then kindergarten happened, she got tired and now bedtime is easy for her.  I’ve just been praying the same will happen to Parker.

The afternoons were exactly the opposite.  There is approximately two hours between the time the kids and I get home and Blake gets home.  One of my good friends refers to this time as the witching hour.  Something about these hours turn my children into crazy people.  I’ve been trying different approaches:  give everyone a “screen” and let them be, don’t allow any “screens”, go run errands and keep everyone busy, make everyone help me with dinner preparations…and no matter what, there is always drama.

I’ll admit that I am a fan of TV.  I watch some pretty mindless television.  I grew up in a house where the TV was always on even just as background noise.  It is part of who I am.  As a parent, I am beginning to see it’s evil ways.  Watching too much Power Rangers turns my son into a fighting machine.

Yesterday we had a little road trip to KC.  We didn’t do anything super fun, just knocked things off the to-do list and did have a great dinner with my parents but besides that, it was mainly just errands.  During the trip, Paige made a comment about Parker watching TV and never playing with her.  This is a funny comment in a lot of ways because Paige is a TV princess herself.  I always said her favorite day is a day of traveling to my grandparents in Ohio:  14 hours where she can sit and watch movies and eat junk food and not get in trouble for it.

So I had an idea.  I declared Sunday a “screen-free” day for the kids.  Screens=TVs, DS, iPads, and anything else that has a screen.  Blake begged to not be included because the Chiefs were playing after all so he got a free pass.

Today’s “screen-free” day was a hit!  The kids played with toys they haven’t played with in a long time and even played together really well!  I definitely think this is something we are going to carry on each Sunday.

Do you have screen free days at your house?