A Ray of Sunshine

Last school year was a weird school year.  I kept having glimpses of opportunities come into my life that made me think I was in the store for a huge life change.

I’ve always loved my job but last year, when it seemed I might have the opportunity to make some changes, every time something wouldn’t go my way, I would just think, ‘That’s okay, I’m not going to be here much longer anyway.’

Well the opportunities didn’t pan out, for whatever reasons.  At first I was sad, then bitter, but sometime over the summer, my perspective changed.  I realized that I really do love my job and it has lots of perks.  Besides the getting up early part I never dread going to work.  I have great co-workers, great administrators and great students.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I realize how lucky I am.  I talk with other library friends and I know, not everyone has it as good as I have it.

So I showed up for work this year with a positive outlook on life.  Even when snags come my way, I’ve been able to just look at the bright side and keep on trucking.  Even when unexpected things caused me to have a lot more work than I realized, I got frazzled but I didn’t get mad and plot my exit.

I wish I could tell you what changed so that you could change your perspective and make everything sunny in your world.

I think it has something to do with forgetting that God is in charge and not me.  I was searching for opportunities, trying to make things work.  I forgot that when I’m following God’s plan, opportunities drop into my lap.  Guess what?  When I stopped trying to make a puzzle piece fit in the wrong slot, an exciting new challenge did drop into my lap.  (More on that later when it is official)  So I’ll keep trucking and trusting that when God wants to shake things up, He doesn’t need my help.

Have a great school year and try to find the sunshine in life even in the middle of the storms.


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