Summer Recap

Well it’s the day I’ve been dreading…the last official day of my summer break.

But the funny thing is that as much as I dread it, I look forward to it too.  I love my job, my kids love their school/babysitter, and we enjoy getting back in to our routine.  Also, Blake enjoys not having to sneak around in the mornings or share his quiet lunch hour with us…that’s right, I know his secrets.

So what have I accomplished/learned this summer?

  • Family vacation to Tennessee–check that one off the bucket list
  • Multiple trips to the swimming pool and I only had to leave with a tantrum throwing kid a couple of times…sorry to those of you that witnessed that.
  • Summer trip to Ohio to see the family–awesome quality time with some of my favorite people…missed a couple awesome people who were off on their own adventure while we were there
  • Organized both kids bedrooms and toy room–even though they are a mess now 🙂
  • Organized lots of other “hot spots” in our house–cleaned out and sold lots of misc. junk
  • Turned another year old and now I can run for president!  Plus I got carded on my birthday which was pretty awesome even though I lost money not long after…stupid casinos
  • Grew a beautiful garden…that the groundhog ate…trapped the groundhog and ended his reign…too late
  • Enjoyed fruit and veggies from the farmers market and friends since my garden was violated
  • Attended library meetings for my MASL obligations and pretty much fixed all the library problems of the state…or maybe not
  • Went to a Royals game
  • School supplies bought…I will pay the tax to avoid the crazies any day.
  • Kept my flowers alive…ignore the fact that it was cooler and wetter than normal
  • Read some grown up books and some awesome kid books
  • Managed my own version of Big Brother where there are 3 contestants…myself, Paige and Parker…no one is getting voted off and Julie Chen (Blake) comes in to monitor the situation every so often…

The family and I have had some good times, some bad times, plenty of rest and lots of adventures.  As a good friend told me, each summer gets a little easier as the kids get older.  The challenges are different but not having to change diapers anymore is pretty amazing.

So here’s to a great school year!  I’m super excited to get back in the swing of things.  I’ve got some great ideas and I have missed all of my friends and even a couple students 🙂  Here’s to year 13!


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