Relieving the stress

After a rather exhausting day at the office, I have been know to have less patience than normal with my own children. That’s one of the downfalls of working in education. If the students were particularly unruly that day, my kids sometimes get a not-so-pleasant mom at home.

I’ve been known to warn the kids. “I’ve had kids not listen to me all day. If you don’t listen, it’s not going to be good.”

I realize that this is not fair to my own kids. My “parent of the year” approach to keeping my cool on these days lately is to declare it a Netflix day and let the kids enjoy some down time, while I try to de-stress.

This was all working well today. Did I mention that a day full of teaching 6th graders how to log on to the computers for the first time is one of the most stressful things imaginable?

We all chilled out for awhile and then I cooked a real dinner for the third night in a row…what is happening to me?

The crazy hit the fan when my picky-eater Parker refused to eat a meal that I know he loves and turned it into a giant tantrum. Nothing makes you feel more awesome than when your son makes a face and says “gross!” as he comes to the table.

Fast forward to Parker getting to spend some quality time in his room and Paige and Blake went outside to work in the yard.

I got a random thought and sat down at the piano. I play at church every once in awhile but I haven’t sat down to play for me in a long time. Before I knew it, I was feeling a lot calmer and I think Parker was calmer too now that I think of it.

Why do I always forget how the piano has always been a stress reliever for me? Hopefully in the future I will remember that and feel better sooner.

PS…at 9:00 tonight Parker finally got hungry and decided he actually does like ravioli and finished his dinner. Of course he does, I made it especially for him.


A Ray of Sunshine

Last school year was a weird school year.  I kept having glimpses of opportunities come into my life that made me think I was in the store for a huge life change.

I’ve always loved my job but last year, when it seemed I might have the opportunity to make some changes, every time something wouldn’t go my way, I would just think, ‘That’s okay, I’m not going to be here much longer anyway.’

Well the opportunities didn’t pan out, for whatever reasons.  At first I was sad, then bitter, but sometime over the summer, my perspective changed.  I realized that I really do love my job and it has lots of perks.  Besides the getting up early part I never dread going to work.  I have great co-workers, great administrators and great students.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I realize how lucky I am.  I talk with other library friends and I know, not everyone has it as good as I have it.

So I showed up for work this year with a positive outlook on life.  Even when snags come my way, I’ve been able to just look at the bright side and keep on trucking.  Even when unexpected things caused me to have a lot more work than I realized, I got frazzled but I didn’t get mad and plot my exit.

I wish I could tell you what changed so that you could change your perspective and make everything sunny in your world.

I think it has something to do with forgetting that God is in charge and not me.  I was searching for opportunities, trying to make things work.  I forgot that when I’m following God’s plan, opportunities drop into my lap.  Guess what?  When I stopped trying to make a puzzle piece fit in the wrong slot, an exciting new challenge did drop into my lap.  (More on that later when it is official)  So I’ll keep trucking and trusting that when God wants to shake things up, He doesn’t need my help.

Have a great school year and try to find the sunshine in life even in the middle of the storms.

Summer Recap

Well it’s the day I’ve been dreading…the last official day of my summer break.

But the funny thing is that as much as I dread it, I look forward to it too.  I love my job, my kids love their school/babysitter, and we enjoy getting back in to our routine.  Also, Blake enjoys not having to sneak around in the mornings or share his quiet lunch hour with us…that’s right, I know his secrets.

So what have I accomplished/learned this summer?

  • Family vacation to Tennessee–check that one off the bucket list
  • Multiple trips to the swimming pool and I only had to leave with a tantrum throwing kid a couple of times…sorry to those of you that witnessed that.
  • Summer trip to Ohio to see the family–awesome quality time with some of my favorite people…missed a couple awesome people who were off on their own adventure while we were there
  • Organized both kids bedrooms and toy room–even though they are a mess now 🙂
  • Organized lots of other “hot spots” in our house–cleaned out and sold lots of misc. junk
  • Turned another year old and now I can run for president!  Plus I got carded on my birthday which was pretty awesome even though I lost money not long after…stupid casinos
  • Grew a beautiful garden…that the groundhog ate…trapped the groundhog and ended his reign…too late
  • Enjoyed fruit and veggies from the farmers market and friends since my garden was violated
  • Attended library meetings for my MASL obligations and pretty much fixed all the library problems of the state…or maybe not
  • Went to a Royals game
  • School supplies bought…I will pay the tax to avoid the crazies any day.
  • Kept my flowers alive…ignore the fact that it was cooler and wetter than normal
  • Read some grown up books and some awesome kid books
  • Managed my own version of Big Brother where there are 3 contestants…myself, Paige and Parker…no one is getting voted off and Julie Chen (Blake) comes in to monitor the situation every so often…

The family and I have had some good times, some bad times, plenty of rest and lots of adventures.  As a good friend told me, each summer gets a little easier as the kids get older.  The challenges are different but not having to change diapers anymore is pretty amazing.

So here’s to a great school year!  I’m super excited to get back in the swing of things.  I’ve got some great ideas and I have missed all of my friends and even a couple students 🙂  Here’s to year 13!