Polar Opposites

Wow, it’s been awhile. I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged. I’ve just been living my summer hermit lifestyle of barely leaving my house.

The other day I took both kids to Walmart. Most of the time I try to just take one. You might find it surprising that most of the time, Parker is the one I take. He refers to himself as my shopping buddy but really I think he has realized if he does the shopping, he gets to make decisions like which type of chips or flavor of yogurt we buy…he’s a crafty fellow.

Anyway, we needed several things, it was the middle of the day, it couldn’t be helped.

We were standing in the garden section when Parker took off. He has never ventured away from me before. I was shocked. We found him in the toy section, surprise, surprise.

I swiftly put Parker in the cart and told him why that was a bad idea. He started screaming, “Stop it Mom, you are hurting me!” Let’s be honest, I wanted nothing more than to spank Parker right there in the middle of Walmart but in this day we live in, you never know what happen if you discipline your child. I promise I wasn’t touching him.

So finally Parker settles down and we continue our shopping adventure. After we had checked out, we stopped in Subway to get some lunch for Blake who was short handed at work that day. The line was really long. We waited, played my phone, talked and just minded our own business while we waited. As we walked around the corner to get our drinks, a Walmart employee who was enjoying her lunch, pulled me over and told me how impressed she was with how well my kids behaved.

All I could do was laugh. I thanked her and told her she obviously hadn’t seen the scene was had made in Walmart.

I love my kids. They are good kids. Sometimes I want to ship them to boarding school. It’s funny how such opposite things can happen so soon. It’s always an adventure with us.


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