Starring in her own sitcom

Years ago, I took a group of student to KC on a field trip and had the privilege of eating lunch with a few fun girls. The lunch was one of the highlights of my career because it was one of the first times I took the time to get to know kids and enjoy their unique personalities. Now it’s one of the best parts of my job.

That day the thing that jumped out at me was that these girls really needed their own sitcom. You know the kid characters in sitcoms (like on the Disney channel) who live their own life and don’t care what others think of them, I love that quality in a kid.

Since then, I have met many kids who could have their own sitcom. They march to their own beat and I love it.

Well lately, I’ve noticed something around my house. If you look past all of the silly, funny and sometimes naughty antics of the cute little boy who lives here…I have a young girl who, in fact could have her own sitcom.


Just now, I asked Paige to go out on the deck and water flowers. The next thing I know, I have a girl wrestling a hose and a gate. Some people would rush to help, I just sit back and giggle.

I’m proud of my almost second grader who still doesn’t know a “real” bad word, has no clue who the cool kids are and enjoys playing with her brother and his little friends just as much as playing with her own friends. I know these days are fleeting and that peer pressure and the need to be cool are just around the corner but I’ll enjoy these days while they last.


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