It’s not for sissies

The only sound in my house right now is the heavy breathing of kids who played too hard yesterday. This morning is a sleep in morning and a take-it-easy kind of day. I love summer!

With that being said, it’s not all butterflies and swimming pools around here.

Staying home with your kids is not for sissies. I’ve always known this but each summer I get a reminder. It would be so easy to let them eat junk, watch tv and not bathe all summer…ok sometimes we have days like that. It’s a lot harder to try to turn them in to polite, thoughtful, healthy, smart people.

The good thing about my career is that I know first hand how quickly a child grows up. It seems like just yesterday I was teaching piano to these cute little twin girls who were in the first grade. When I asked them how to tell them apart, they told me they wore different colored shoes :). The same cute girls will head to college in the fall. I blinked and they grew up. I see it all the time as students seem to fly through their time at the middle school and half a second later, they are graduating.

So if you see me around town with my hand tightly around my son’s arm, leading him in the direction he needs to go or chasing him around the swimming pool when he refuses to come dry off so we can head home, know these things…

-the good moments outweigh the bad
-this summer is better than last summer and I know it will continue to improve
-I realize that very soon my kids won’t want to hang out at the club with me or they won’t even be around because of their busy lives
-as mad as my little boy makes me, I realize he is a little boy and this too shall pass. I see glimmers every day of progress as he realizes that bad choices hold bad consequences.
-my respect for stay at home moms is through the roof

Enjoy your summer!


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