Highs, lows & lessons learned on vacation

-flip flops and wet sidewalks covered in tree blooms are not a good combo for little girls
-I enjoy aquariums more than I thought I would
-my children now know the meaning of “going commando” (explained not demonstrated)
-Parker does not like applesauce in a tube to the point of creating gag reflexes. This would be funny in most situations, not so much in the carseat
-although my children can tell me tons of bible stories, they did not know who the devil was before today. After an explanation, they proceeded to name people they know who follow the devil instead if God…not the results I was expecting
-Rock City is just as cool as an adult as it was 20 years ago.
-our timing with construction has been horrible, but weather wonderful
-Tourists must sleep in. If you don’t want crowds, get there when it opens
-sweet tea in the south=perfection
-Parker only wants his stroller if you don’t bring it
-I will travel anywhere, anytime with Paige. She is a great, fun, positive travelmate. Parker is 3, nuff said.
-when receiving food vouchers as perks, make sure there will be a place open to use them on Sunday nights.


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