End of an Era

For the last 9 years, every morning I have stared at this…



and with tears in my eyes, I have said the pledge of allegiance.  As an “Army Sister” I have earned a whole new appreciation for country, our freedom and those who protect it.

Tomorrow will be my last day to say the pledge as an Army Sister.  This summer/fall, my brother will move on to new exciting opportunities.  It has been his journey but my family has learned so much from it.

We have gotten to visit some great places like West Point, Fort Knox, and Fort Carson, just to name a few.  We snuck vacations in around wherever Adam happened to be and even attended military balls.

west point

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We’ve learned the agony of watching someone you love go away whether just for summer training or for a year deployment, but we have also experienced the complete joy of watching him walk back in after a year away, in one piece.

photo (4) photo (3)

We’ve met some really great guys and their families.  I will never forget my army little brothers and pray for them and their families every day.  The world has lost some pretty great heroes that I had the privilege of meeting.

corma hyde


Lessons I’ve learned from being “in the army”:

  • Never laugh at someone’s dreams because you never know what God has in store and anything is possible.  When Adam told us he first wanted to go to West Point, it seemed like such an unlikely dream…
  • Family visits on Survivor episodes don’t make me emotional anymore.  Come on people, they are on an island with cameras, a medical team, and Jeff Probst, they will be okay.
  • I know a lot of army terms and acronyms but still can’t tell you exactly what my brother’s job includes.
  • I’ve developed an understanding and respect for those families who live in the military world.
  • I will never watch a video of a soldier coming home and not cry…no matter what
  • I’ve learned how much I depend on my brother and how much it stinks when he isn’t around to run ideas off of or just vent.
  • We live in a pretty great country no matter what your political views are.  We are blessed and should show our appreciation to all those who put their life on the line so that we can have a great place to live.
  • My brother is stronger than I ever knew.


I’m sure there is much more but for now, that’s all I have.

I’m totally looking forward to having my crazy brother and sister-in-law closer to home.  Now off on the next big adventure he has planned for us…



In One Moment…

I love my job.

With that being said, sometimes I can get in a rut.  I understand that the library is not everyone’s top priority.  (Shocking, but true)  Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the little things that annoy me…picking up after other people’s messes, having to stop in the middle of whatever I’m doing to fix someone else’s problems, being the only one in my department and not really fitting in anywhere…all parts of the job but sometimes they can eat at me.

Then a day like today happens and it all makes sense…

Today students had to turn their books in whether they were done or not…it was the big day.

Two of my students really made my whole year by their actions and I’m sure they don’t even know it.

First, a young man who reads constantly…he reads in the lunch line, he reads in the bus line, he reads all the time.  He is an 8th grader and will leave me for the big bad high school next year.  He told one of his teachers last week that he had been staying up late to read because he still had a lot of books left to get finished in the library.  Today he walks in at the end of the day with his last book.  His lip quivers a little as he hands it to me.  I asked him if he finished it and he said no (almost in tears).  I gave it back to him and told him to get it to me tomorrow.  His smile warmed the whole room.

Second student…this girl honestly reads more than anyone I have ever met.  The super cool thing about her is that she reads anything and everything and enjoys it all.  It has truly been an honor to be her librarian for the last three years and I’m pretty bummed that she is leaving me.  I have actually been giving her a hard time about how excited she is about high school.  Anyway, she checked out three big books last night and finished two and a half of them.  When she came in to turn them in today, she kind of lingered at the circulation desk.  We visited for awhile and after a little while, she said, “I just can’t make myself leave.  I’m going to miss this room so much.”

Just two examples of why I love my job.  I will continue to push in chairs and pick up candy trash and love notes because at the end of the day…it’s going to be worth it.

I’ve come to the conclusion…

I made a decision the other day.

It’s a pretty major decision.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile.

I’ve put a lot of thought into the pros and cons and I think I’ve come up with a decision that is truly how I feel…

I enjoy reading a real book more than an electrical device like a Kindle or iPad.

Now let’s get something straight, I am a technology nerd.  I bought the first Kindle, the first Kindle Fire and last year, finally broke down and got an iPad.  I have read on all of them.

I can read faster on a electronic device and it is the best to be able to pack a small electronic rather than several books when going on a trip.

I’ve also been on a book award committee, the entire time I have had most of these devices so I haven’t really got to choose what I read a lot.

There’s just something about holding a real book and seeing how much further you have to go.  A percentage at the bottom of the screen is not the same thing.

I’m a little nervous to take my iPad into the bathtub…that’s a lot of responsibility.  A regular book isn’t so bad…

I can definitely see some advantages of e-readers and when I get to pick what I read in almost a year, I’m sure I will use my iPad more, but if I really have the choice, I’m going to pick an old-fashioned book any time.

And, by the way, when I’m in a waiting room, airport, pool, really anywhere I see someone reading, it really bothers me that I can’t just look at the cover to see if it’s something I’m familiar with but instead I have to get all stalker on them and ask what they are reading.

I’m a librarian.  I love books.  I’ll stick to Candy Crush on the Ipad.

Which do you prefer?