A lovely weekend

Last weekend the weather finally felt like spring.

Our family had some free time so we spent most of the weekend outdoors.  There was a lot of work to be done but we snuck in a little fun too.

We started out our weekend by heading down to the drive-in movie that isn’t far from our town.  I don’t know about you but I have fond memories of going to the drive-in as a kid so I was super excited to share the experience with my children.

photo (21)


We cuddled in the back of the truck and watched The Kroogs.  Parker fell asleep towards the end.  The next movie was Oz:  The Great and Powerful.  We turned the truck around and moved inside for this movie because we were a little chilly.

photo (28)


It turns out that a little bit scary movie is a lot scarier for some 7-year olds when you are outside in the dark, late at night.  We didn’t make it through all of this movie but we will definitely watch it at home when it comes out to rent.

On Saturday, we had a big day of outside work planned.

Blake worked on replacing the rock in our landscaping to mulch.  This was a big job and I was pretty surprised when he could get out of bed without too much grumbling on Sunday.

photo (23)

Paige and I worked in the garden.  We planted many seeds and can’t wait to see if they really grow or not.

photo (27) photo (22) photo (24)Paige has really taken an interest in gardening this year.  She worked hard Saturday helping me plant and even purchased her own gardening tools when we made a trip to the farm store.

PS…They asked me at the farm store if I had a farm account.  Now maybe they ask everyone this, but I was pretty proud.  I’m sure I looked the part of a farmer and I think I should probably refer to my garden as the farm and my gardening will be considered farming.

While we were working hard, Parker kept himself busy…

photo (26)mowing…

We moved on to another project that the kids have been beginning us to do forever.

photo (25)In case you can’t tell, the steps mean that we are beginning to build a treehouse.  The steps are as far as we have built but it has kept the kids satisfied for now.

We worked hard and played even harder this weekend.  It seemed like a long winter and we are more than happy to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.





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