Come on spring!

Our children are driving us crazy.

We need spring to get here quickly.

We are under a winter storm warning.

After a day of fighting, bickering and making me want to sleep outside in the snow in a tent, I finally told the kids to stand in the living room and fight it out. That’s right. You’ve fought all day, lets see who wins.

They come in the living room. The suspense mounts. Parker brings a sword…I make him put it up.

Paige announces they have to dance fight. I have a look of confusion, “You know it looks like dancing, but we are fighting?” she says.

Of course.

Now they are happily playing power rangers. There are methods to my madness.

PS…Paige’s birthday Legos and a few other valuables have mysteriously left the living room where I have asked repeatedly for her to pick them up and it didn’t happen. I wonder how long it will take her to realize they are in jail…

PPS…playing nicely is over, fighting and crying have ensued. I think I’ll wait this storm out at a hotel. Wonder how long it would take for them to realize I was gone?


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