Through a child’s eyes

Yesterday was Paige’s birthday.

Holidays always bring me stress. I want to have these wonderful memories for my kids that are straight out of a Hallmark movie and I put a lot of stress on myself to make it happen.

I remember Paige’s first Christmas. Late Christmas Eve we realized that her one big present didn’t work and it left her with like two presents to open since most of her other presents were accessories to the big broken present. I had a melt down. How could we have a Christmas with just a couple presents? How horrible were we? I now realize how silly that is. My 9 month old did not care what she got and her many grandparents always give her more presents than she needs anyway.

I’ve come a long way in 7 years. I’m more about teaching about giving and other qualities than how many presents my kids get. It’s really quite the transformation.

Fast forward to yesterday. It was a snowy day in the middle of a super busy week. I have been feeling bad for Paige for the lack of a great birthday she had.

Tonight we were talking and she said how she had the best party ever! What? Where was this party?

For Paige, getting some Legos, sunglasses and pajamas that she really wanted was wonderful. The four of us hanging out, eating nachos, giggling, watching survivor, and reading library books…that was her best party!

It’s great to just sit back and see things through a child’s eyes.

I have high expectations. My big present for my 7th birthday was a brother. Can’t get much bigger than that!

Happy birthday Paige!





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