Bring on the gardening season

Every year, around this time, I get big ideas for how wonderful my garden is going to be.

Gardening is definitely my passion and not Blake’s. He is wonderful enough to help me get the garden set up but after that, it’s my project. He will wait patiently for the yummy crops.

This year I am taking a complete different approach to my gardening. Thanks to my friend, Peggy, and her super cool garden, my garden is going to look a lot different.

My long rows that my dad taught me to make are gone. I’ve researched what crops grow better together and I’m itching to get started. I have things growing in the garage. I’m ready.

That’s why my family ventured out in the mud to get started today. We worked hard and got really dirty. I can already tell that my kids are going to be a lot more help than in years past.








What you see…

I am a pretty transparent person.  What you see is what you get.  My face usually tells my emotions whether I want it to or not.  I usually take things at face value.

I am always amazed when I am in a situation where I learn that someone is being “fake”, whether they are acting like best buddies with someone they really can’t stand or encouraging someone to do something that they think is the dumbest idea in the world.

Another thing that baffles me is when a simple conversation between two people, can be analyzed for hours, days, even weeks.  Have you ever done this or been witness to someone else doing this?

It seems like a lot of the time, I say something in complete innocence that gets me in hot water.   Maybe I don’t realize the person I’m talking to is related to the guy who owns the store I had a bad experience in or maybe I really don’t mind if someone inconveniences me but for some reason they take that conversation and turn it into a big problem.

Here’s the thing about me:  If I tell you I don’t mind doing something, I really don’t mind doing it.  You don’t have to worry about if I’m mad you asked me because I really probably didn’t put that much thought in to it.  I just said yes, and moved on.

People who tend to overthink conversations kind of entertain me a little bit.  I always take everything exactly the way it is said and don’t think about the hidden meaning because I probably didn’t realize there was a hidden meaning.  Sarcasm I understand, manipulative conversations are something I can’t even realize I have missed.

Bottom line is I’m trying to keep my head above water at work, home and all the other obligations I have so I don’t have time to analyze conversations.  If you want me to know something or get the hint, you are just going to have to tell me.


Come on spring!

Our children are driving us crazy.

We need spring to get here quickly.

We are under a winter storm warning.

After a day of fighting, bickering and making me want to sleep outside in the snow in a tent, I finally told the kids to stand in the living room and fight it out. That’s right. You’ve fought all day, lets see who wins.

They come in the living room. The suspense mounts. Parker brings a sword…I make him put it up.

Paige announces they have to dance fight. I have a look of confusion, “You know it looks like dancing, but we are fighting?” she says.

Of course.

Now they are happily playing power rangers. There are methods to my madness.

PS…Paige’s birthday Legos and a few other valuables have mysteriously left the living room where I have asked repeatedly for her to pick them up and it didn’t happen. I wonder how long it will take her to realize they are in jail…

PPS…playing nicely is over, fighting and crying have ensued. I think I’ll wait this storm out at a hotel. Wonder how long it would take for them to realize I was gone?

Through a child’s eyes

Yesterday was Paige’s birthday.

Holidays always bring me stress. I want to have these wonderful memories for my kids that are straight out of a Hallmark movie and I put a lot of stress on myself to make it happen.

I remember Paige’s first Christmas. Late Christmas Eve we realized that her one big present didn’t work and it left her with like two presents to open since most of her other presents were accessories to the big broken present. I had a melt down. How could we have a Christmas with just a couple presents? How horrible were we? I now realize how silly that is. My 9 month old did not care what she got and her many grandparents always give her more presents than she needs anyway.

I’ve come a long way in 7 years. I’m more about teaching about giving and other qualities than how many presents my kids get. It’s really quite the transformation.

Fast forward to yesterday. It was a snowy day in the middle of a super busy week. I have been feeling bad for Paige for the lack of a great birthday she had.

Tonight we were talking and she said how she had the best party ever! What? Where was this party?

For Paige, getting some Legos, sunglasses and pajamas that she really wanted was wonderful. The four of us hanging out, eating nachos, giggling, watching survivor, and reading library books…that was her best party!

It’s great to just sit back and see things through a child’s eyes.

I have high expectations. My big present for my 7th birthday was a brother. Can’t get much bigger than that!

Happy birthday Paige!




Proud mama

I was having a conversation with Blake and I used the word “author”.
Parker: yeah, the author!
Me: Parker, what’s an author?
Parker: the guy in charge of the book
Me: what does the author do to the book?
Parker: he writes it!
Me: great! Who is the guy that draws the pictures?
Parker: the illustrator!

Good job Parker!

Blake: that’s ridiculous!

I teach my kids the important things in life.

Get away and get your own!

We are snuggled in for our Wednesday night ritual of watching Duck Dynasty.

I asked Parker if he would go get me a blanket. He refused. So I went in to get my own blanket and a drink and got settled on the couch

Blake and Parker were snuggled in the recliner. They asked me together them a blanket. I told them no, get their own. No one would get me one.

Parker climbs out of the chair and says, “Dad, I’ll get us a blanket.”

He walks over to me and tries to steal MY blanket!

I am convinced that this type of thinking is something you are born with. That little boy amazes me every day with his wit.

PS…today my 3 year old used the word “specifically” in a sentence correctly.

Focus on the positive

So today was not a great day.

From the minute I woke up, I felt like I was being attacked. I won’t go into it but I definitely learned some good life lessons today and learned who I should and should not trust.

And to make it even better I got to enjoy X-rays and an MRI to maybe figure out why I can’t unload the dishwasher or sit through a sermon in church without needing medication for my back.

But tonight I’m going to choose to focus on the positive…

I was sitting at my desk today trying to get something productive done while dodging chaos and battles at every turn when one of my students came into my office. Now let me tell you, I have met a lot of kids who don’t like to read but this girl is one of the hardest sells I have ever had. I have tried for almost 3 years to find a book she would enjoy. Most of the time she doesn’t give me a chance.
So she comes in and tells me that she LOVED the book I suggested to her and she even read 120 pages last night!
My crappy day instantly brightened. I woo-hooed and found a similar book for her to read next.

That, my friends, is the reason I do what I do.

You don’t like it read? Nope, you just haven’t found the right book yet.

I’m turning this world in to readers, one middle schooler at a time.