Raising them Right


While we are raising Parker, I take big responsibility in teaching him to be a gentleman.  There are not that many nice guys in the world but I’m determined that my son will be one.

We have discussed how Parker should open the door for girls and on occasion he remembers.  Let’s be honest, it’s not too often he is strong enough to open the door on his own.

When we were potty training, I was very adamant that Parker close the toilet lid each time he was finished with his business.  He enjoys slamming the seat down so it is a success.

I caught a glimpse that he is headed in the right direction this morning.

Parker came in to my bathroom to do his business.  He is so proud that he is tall enough to stand now!  After he finished, I reminded him to flush but he had other things to do.  He got some toilet paper and wiped up the place on the floor and the rim where he had missed, WITHOUT ME TELLING HIM TO!

Some day there is a girl who will thank me for my hard work.


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