Memories of the nose

Have you ever noticed how smells bring you memories?  For me it might be a lotion that I always wore during a certain point of my life or the smell of someone’s house especially.  The smell of Caress bar soap always reminds me of my grandparents house in Ohio.

I started noticing that different houses had different smells when I was a kid.  Not bad smells, well I guess sometimes it is bad smells but have you ever noticed how the sheets at your grandma’s house have a smell all their own?  I always wondered what our houses “smell” was like to other people.

Not to long ago, I was brought to tears by the smell of some sheets my mom gave me because for some reason I thought they smelled like my Granny’s smell.  Granny passed away 10 years ago and it brought back such distinctive memories.

So what’s the point?  That’s what you are probably wondering.

My mom brought me some stuff today and I was sorting through it, I noticed it had my mom’s house smell.  I, instinctively, knew it was the smell of the house I had grown up in, even though I always wondered what that smell was like.  It’s a good smell, full of lots of good memories, laughter and love.

Now I’m stuck wondering what my grown up house smell is like…I hope I’m never away from it long enough to find out.

What smells bring memories up for you?


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