Week in Review

Yesterday while at the grocery store, I ran into a friend who told me how she laughed out loud at my Facebook post about my children arguing the other day.

She doesn’t know the half of it.  I live in a Disney sitcom.

So I now bring you…

Things that actually happened in our life this week.

  • Parker came to the dinner table completely naked, ready to eat dinner.  I can’t remember his exact reasoning but he had a whole story about why it was totally acceptable for him to be eating without a stitch of clothes on.
  • Parker learned a new word from Duck Dynasty…idiot.
  • Paige came down with a stomach bug right in time to eat roast (not one of her favorite dinners).  She was miraculously cured in the 20 minutes I left to run an errand and consumed a bowl of nachos, yogurt and an orange while I was gone.
  • Blake told the kids that we were just letting them live in our house and if they didn’t straighten up, they would be looking for a new home.  Parker wasn’t worried.  He was all ready to move in with his babysitter.
  • The dress up clothes have been getting more use.  This week a BHS graduate, Captain America, an army guy and a pirate have all shown up in my living room.
  • Paige got to have an unexpected jammie day at school since the 2nd graders got to come visit again and they had been planning a jammie day.  Parker declared it a jammie day at his babysitter’s too.  I bet he’s the only one in pj’s and I bet he doesn’t care one bit.
  • Paige and Parker had an argument (as stated on Facebook).  Parker just wanted to hit Paige.  I directed him to get his punching bag out and punch it instead.  This resulted in him dragging it in the living room and beating the punching bag up for approximately 22 minutes.  Glad he chose the bag.

I love my life.  It is definitely not boring.


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