A brighter day!

Last night’s Facebook status update:

I’ve been diagnosed with a case of the “sick and tireds”.  It hit around 6pm tonight. Symptoms:  I’m sick and tired of everything and everyone.  Treatment:  hot bath, warm bed, mindless TV.  I’ll be cured by tomorrow.  Thanks for the concern.

It wasn’t one thing that put me over the edge.  It was just a lot of junk.  Nothing traumatic or mind-blowing.  Just the daily grind.  Maybe it was the fact that as I was cooking a dinner I knew both my kids would eat (spaghetti, green beans and crescent rolls), Parker was rolling around on the kitchen floor begging to order a pizza.  Maybe it was the fact that I have been reading YA books for 3 1/2 years and I just kind of want to read what I want to read.  Maybe it’s the fact that because of Biggest Loser at school, I can’t drown my sorrows in chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact I haven’t had pop since New Year’s Eve…it all kind of dumped on me.

So I took the night off.  Snuggled up in bed with the cat (without chocolate or pop) and watched Biggest Loser.  I woke up this morning ready to go…okay so maybe I have a little case of the 3rd quarter gloomies but overall, ready to go.

But what to my wondering eye should appear…



This is enough to make anyone happy!  Okay, maybe not my husband…but definitely something to look forward to!  Now if they will only add a Kansas City date…


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