Three people in my household are addicted to potato chips…bad. I am not one of them. Seriously. I buy tons of chips of all kinds and those crazy people eat them all the time! (Please don’t all award me with the mother of the year award at once)

So Blake got some Buffalo Wing flavored potato chips as a Christmas gift. He tried to warn the kids.

Paige tried them the other day and since she even thinks Dr. Pepper is “spicy”, it didn’t take her long to figure out they weren’t for her.

Parker on the other hand…

He had one the other day and really liked it. I was shocked! So today at lunch he asked for “hot chips”. We gave him some and he had eaten almost all of them when he asked for a towel to wipe his tongue off. It was quite funny to watch him wipe off his tongue.

Just another day…living the dream.


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