Memories of the nose

Have you ever noticed how smells bring you memories?  For me it might be a lotion that I always wore during a certain point of my life or the smell of someone’s house especially.  The smell of Caress bar soap always reminds me of my grandparents house in Ohio.

I started noticing that different houses had different smells when I was a kid.  Not bad smells, well I guess sometimes it is bad smells but have you ever noticed how the sheets at your grandma’s house have a smell all their own?  I always wondered what our houses “smell” was like to other people.

Not to long ago, I was brought to tears by the smell of some sheets my mom gave me because for some reason I thought they smelled like my Granny’s smell.  Granny passed away 10 years ago and it brought back such distinctive memories.

So what’s the point?  That’s what you are probably wondering.

My mom brought me some stuff today and I was sorting through it, I noticed it had my mom’s house smell.  I, instinctively, knew it was the smell of the house I had grown up in, even though I always wondered what that smell was like.  It’s a good smell, full of lots of good memories, laughter and love.

Now I’m stuck wondering what my grown up house smell is like…I hope I’m never away from it long enough to find out.

What smells bring memories up for you?


Week in Review

Yesterday while at the grocery store, I ran into a friend who told me how she laughed out loud at my Facebook post about my children arguing the other day.

She doesn’t know the half of it.  I live in a Disney sitcom.

So I now bring you…

Things that actually happened in our life this week.

  • Parker came to the dinner table completely naked, ready to eat dinner.  I can’t remember his exact reasoning but he had a whole story about why it was totally acceptable for him to be eating without a stitch of clothes on.
  • Parker learned a new word from Duck Dynasty…idiot.
  • Paige came down with a stomach bug right in time to eat roast (not one of her favorite dinners).  She was miraculously cured in the 20 minutes I left to run an errand and consumed a bowl of nachos, yogurt and an orange while I was gone.
  • Blake told the kids that we were just letting them live in our house and if they didn’t straighten up, they would be looking for a new home.  Parker wasn’t worried.  He was all ready to move in with his babysitter.
  • The dress up clothes have been getting more use.  This week a BHS graduate, Captain America, an army guy and a pirate have all shown up in my living room.
  • Paige got to have an unexpected jammie day at school since the 2nd graders got to come visit again and they had been planning a jammie day.  Parker declared it a jammie day at his babysitter’s too.  I bet he’s the only one in pj’s and I bet he doesn’t care one bit.
  • Paige and Parker had an argument (as stated on Facebook).  Parker just wanted to hit Paige.  I directed him to get his punching bag out and punch it instead.  This resulted in him dragging it in the living room and beating the punching bag up for approximately 22 minutes.  Glad he chose the bag.

I love my life.  It is definitely not boring.

A brighter day!

Last night’s Facebook status update:

I’ve been diagnosed with a case of the “sick and tireds”.  It hit around 6pm tonight. Symptoms:  I’m sick and tired of everything and everyone.  Treatment:  hot bath, warm bed, mindless TV.  I’ll be cured by tomorrow.  Thanks for the concern.

It wasn’t one thing that put me over the edge.  It was just a lot of junk.  Nothing traumatic or mind-blowing.  Just the daily grind.  Maybe it was the fact that as I was cooking a dinner I knew both my kids would eat (spaghetti, green beans and crescent rolls), Parker was rolling around on the kitchen floor begging to order a pizza.  Maybe it was the fact that I have been reading YA books for 3 1/2 years and I just kind of want to read what I want to read.  Maybe it’s the fact that because of Biggest Loser at school, I can’t drown my sorrows in chocolate.  Maybe it’s the fact I haven’t had pop since New Year’s Eve…it all kind of dumped on me.

So I took the night off.  Snuggled up in bed with the cat (without chocolate or pop) and watched Biggest Loser.  I woke up this morning ready to go…okay so maybe I have a little case of the 3rd quarter gloomies but overall, ready to go.

But what to my wondering eye should appear…



This is enough to make anyone happy!  Okay, maybe not my husband…but definitely something to look forward to!  Now if they will only add a Kansas City date…

Organized Chaos

Before Christmas break, I sat down and made a list of all the things I wanted to get accomplished while I was off work and then I just laughed.  I always have big plans but unless I enlist Blake to help me, it normally is just a thought in my head. I don’t know what changed, but somewhere over the break, I got some ambition.  Now normally Blake is the one with OCD that can’t sit but has to be working, cleaning, doing whatever all the time.  (I’m not complaining one bit.)  Well next thing I knew, I had organized all of my kitchen cabinets and then, with the help of Blake, I moved on to the kids’ bedrooms and the toy room.  Boy they were a disaster. I realized as I was cleaning that the more I organized the better I felt.  The more I sold on Bid It, the lighter I felt.  It’s a great feeling! photo (12) Parker had tons of toys in his room but never played with them because they were dumped in his toy box in the closet.  We cleaned out the toy box and organized his toys.  He has been in toy heaven ever since!photo (14)   This shelf I got from a friend and Blake was able to cut off just about an inch from the top so it fits perfectly under Parker’s (13)This is one of our cabinets in the kitchen.  Not only did I organize, but I also labeled.  I love my label maker! photo (11)My bathroom drawer is always a mess!  Hello $7 drawer organizer at TJ Maxx, you make me a happy girl! After I had organized just about everything, I started on my menu planning.  (I tell you I might have a medical condition.  It sounds like something on Grey’s Anatomy…girl starts being organized and ends up having an aneurysm). I menu planned for the entire month of January and then, to top it off, I went and bought all the groceries for the meals I am going to make.  Now I’m several days in to the menu and I’m not making exactly what I said I would make on each day but I am picking something off the menu that I already have things bought for. It’s amazing how much smoother my life is when I’m organized.  I know where to find things, I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner.  I have more time for my kids and husband. I’m not bragging, I’m astonished.  This is so unlike me.  I think Blake is beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me.  I’m even trying to do a load of laundry each day so we don’t have to spend all weekend doing it. So my next goal is to take this organized loveliness to the health part of my life. I’m participating in the Biggest Loser contest at school and it would be nice to get control of that too.  I’m on Day 3 of that plan and doing pretty good.  I hope I can keep it up.


Three people in my household are addicted to potato chips…bad. I am not one of them. Seriously. I buy tons of chips of all kinds and those crazy people eat them all the time! (Please don’t all award me with the mother of the year award at once)

So Blake got some Buffalo Wing flavored potato chips as a Christmas gift. He tried to warn the kids.

Paige tried them the other day and since she even thinks Dr. Pepper is “spicy”, it didn’t take her long to figure out they weren’t for her.

Parker on the other hand…

He had one the other day and really liked it. I was shocked! So today at lunch he asked for “hot chips”. We gave him some and he had eaten almost all of them when he asked for a towel to wipe his tongue off. It was quite funny to watch him wipe off his tongue.

Just another day…living the dream.