Hostess memories

With all this talk about Hostess, you knew I was going to blog about it, right?

What a horrible thing for so many people to lose their jobs.  Bread men are some of the hardest workers I know.  I know first hand because my dad was a bread man my entire life.  My dad went to work between 1-3am 5 days a week and many nights didn’t get home til after 6 or 7 at night.  No wonder he fell asleep so many times in his recliner.  We have many Christmas Eve pictures (and any other event you can think of) with Dad in the background asleep but he was there.

And so with a great deal of fondness I give you some of my favorite Hostess memories.

When I was a kid my dad worked for Butternut and my Uncle Norm worked for Wonder Bread.  My dad taught me that if I touched Wonder bread I would get warts so I did everything in my control to never touch Wonder Bread.  I even brought my own bread when I spent the night with my cousins.   Remember that Tracy?

Every day after school we would go visit Dad at the bread barn.  I always got to finish off Dad’s hot pop from the dashboard of his truck and I got to pick a treat off of his truck.  EVERY DAY!  What an awesome childhood!  Those chocolate cakes with the chocolate chips on top were my favorite but I liked apple and cherry pies quite a bit too.  PS  I’m not a Twinkie or a Snowball fan.

My dad would hire me to hand out samples of Hostess products in grocery stores.  Some of my favorite memories include watching my cousin, Loren, try to fit into the Twinkie the Kid costume.  Jen, you have to ask him about that one!

And then there was the time my brother was Twinkie the Kid, or was it Freddy the Fresh Guy?  Anyway, he was dressed up and kids were chasing him around the store and hitting him.  The product we were selling wasn’t moving too quickly so Adam decided to help it out by dropping boxes in random people’s shopping carts.  That was fun until we got in trouble.  Good times, Adam, right?  The lesson I proved that day was that I am not the only person in America who doesn’t like coconut contrary to what my dad had told me.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorite memories.  Times have changed quite a bit since the good ole’ days and my heart goes out to the people who will lose their jobs over this.  And by the way, I did pick up a bag of powdered donuts tonight at Walmart.  I might as well have one last memory.



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