Just another night

I’m sitting on the couch thinking that I am utterly exhausted and I can’t figure out why. The kind of tired where just getting up to go to bed is going to be a big job.

Last night I went to a wonderful play with some girlfriends. It was a much needed night out with the girls.

I was just settling down for a long autumn’s nap (Blake was sawing logs) when my first visitor arrived at my bedside. Paige’s “cheek” hurt. I got a flashlight and didn’t see anything. This has been going on for weeks. I gave her some medicine and then she decided she needed to crawl into my warm bed.

I need to interject here that I am not a fan of the family bed. My children are not fun to snuggle with. They kick, punch, and take over the entire bed. When Paige has a bad dream, she usually just camps out on our floor but not last night. Right in the middle of the bed.

It was a long night of not sleeping much when I woke up to a scream.

Parker apparently saw a ghost. It was not a friendly ghost. Guess who else ended up in my bed?

After Parker told the rest of the family all about his experience with the ghost, it was apparent there was no room for me in the bed and now my mind was wandering again. I just gave up and went to watch some tv.

I got Paige into the pediatric dentist and it looks like my Christmas present to Blake is going to be Paige’s teeth. My present from Blake is going to be Paige’s teeth. Our anniversary present is going to be…Paige’s teeth. We got bad news about her teeth. Did you figure that out? And did I mention Paige has been known to throw the BIGGEST tantrums at the dentist. Good times!

On the brighter side I got a very unexpected day out with my favorite girl and we had a fabulous time. She’s really a great kid. Let’s just hope we all survive her next visit to the dentist.

I wonder why I’m so tired? Is it bedtime yet?


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