Parker’s Views on the Election

I think it is very important to take our kids to vote with us.  I want them to see that we care about our country and our leaders.  Paige has been to a part of every election that I can remember since she was born.

This morning I rolled out of bed early and it was decided that Parker would be my voting buddy.  Paige would go with her dad.

So off we go…to vote for our country’s leaders.

I had promised Parker he could feed my ballot to the machine if he was good.

First of all, he was very excited to see one of his friends’ grandmas working the election.  That just made his day.  And that the other ladies noticed his cowboy boots (that he was wearing with slick pants), that was another bonus.

He picked which booth I should go to and stood nicely while I voted…until…

“Yeah, my dad really doesn’t know who he is going to vote for.”

“I’m going to vote for Batman…and Elmo.”

He wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular.  I hope that wasn’t considered campaigning at the polls.

After we voted, we stopped to put on our stickers.  He wanted to make sure that  I put his sticker right on the Batman emblem so people would know he voted for Batman.

Off we went on our day, with our vote counted.  Make sure and vote today.  You can’t complain if you don’t vote.


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