Thankful Thanksgiving

Last month I wrote a blog post every day of November.  What was I thankful for?  Well, no time for that this year.  I am thankful, hopefully every day and not just in November.

Here’s my list for 2012:

I’m thankful for…

  • my crazy family, every single one of them.
  • the health of my children, my husband and myself.
  • I have an abundance of food in my pantry and freezer at home and the question “What are we going to eat?” comes from my lack of planning and motivation rather than no options.
  • my dual control electric blanket that makes it so nice and cozy to crawl in to.
  • a great job that provides me with a different challenge each day and gives me many vacation days to spend with my children
  • a wonderful church family
  • a great place for Parker to go during the day full of friends and fun
  • jean days
  • Sonic cherry vanilla coke zero
  • all the years Hostess/Wonder Bread provided for my family by giving my dad a job
  • a wonderful husband who does more than his share with the house and the kids and never complains about it (this really should be at the top of the list)
  • Paige’s manipulative thinking because her brain is working
  • Parker’s wild stunts of jumping off things and his smart comments because his body and mind are able
  • new friends and old friends
  • that God knows that future and He is in control, even when we think we are
  • Apple for iPhones, iPods and iPads
  • having my brother and sister-in-law home for Thanksgiving instead of off fighting a war somewhere
  • the long hours of work and missing out on fun with my college friends because it got me the degree I needed to get the job and life I wanted
  • great books

I could go on and on…I’ll spare you the details.

I hope that each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and spend it with the people you love.  Put aside differences and enjoy time with family.  You never know how much time you have left with them.


Hostess memories

With all this talk about Hostess, you knew I was going to blog about it, right?

What a horrible thing for so many people to lose their jobs.  Bread men are some of the hardest workers I know.  I know first hand because my dad was a bread man my entire life.  My dad went to work between 1-3am 5 days a week and many nights didn’t get home til after 6 or 7 at night.  No wonder he fell asleep so many times in his recliner.  We have many Christmas Eve pictures (and any other event you can think of) with Dad in the background asleep but he was there.

And so with a great deal of fondness I give you some of my favorite Hostess memories.

When I was a kid my dad worked for Butternut and my Uncle Norm worked for Wonder Bread.  My dad taught me that if I touched Wonder bread I would get warts so I did everything in my control to never touch Wonder Bread.  I even brought my own bread when I spent the night with my cousins.   Remember that Tracy?

Every day after school we would go visit Dad at the bread barn.  I always got to finish off Dad’s hot pop from the dashboard of his truck and I got to pick a treat off of his truck.  EVERY DAY!  What an awesome childhood!  Those chocolate cakes with the chocolate chips on top were my favorite but I liked apple and cherry pies quite a bit too.  PS  I’m not a Twinkie or a Snowball fan.

My dad would hire me to hand out samples of Hostess products in grocery stores.  Some of my favorite memories include watching my cousin, Loren, try to fit into the Twinkie the Kid costume.  Jen, you have to ask him about that one!

And then there was the time my brother was Twinkie the Kid, or was it Freddy the Fresh Guy?  Anyway, he was dressed up and kids were chasing him around the store and hitting him.  The product we were selling wasn’t moving too quickly so Adam decided to help it out by dropping boxes in random people’s shopping carts.  That was fun until we got in trouble.  Good times, Adam, right?  The lesson I proved that day was that I am not the only person in America who doesn’t like coconut contrary to what my dad had told me.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorite memories.  Times have changed quite a bit since the good ole’ days and my heart goes out to the people who will lose their jobs over this.  And by the way, I did pick up a bag of powdered donuts tonight at Walmart.  I might as well have one last memory.


Praying and meaning it

I remember the first time I heard someone mention God’s will in a prayer. Someone I loved was getting ready to head in to surgery. Of course you want her to be fine but what if that’s not God’s plan? It’s a tough deal.

I have had the opportunity to pray for God’s will to be done (nothing as serious as a surgery) in the past few months. I was interested and excited by an opportunity but I really did want to totally trust in God for the outcome. People I shared my journey with were skeptical, even my Christian friends.

I put my trust in God. He knows what’s best for me and my family. He has never let me down before.

The outcome of the situation was revealed this week.

Am I disappointed? Sure. I was excited and had spent a lot of time, energy, and research skills looking in to it.

Am I sad? Maybe a little but my life without the changes is pretty great and filled with great people. Nothing to get too sad about.

Will I be ok? Of course I will. I chose to trust in God. I can’t be mad at Him because His will isn’t mine. That’s like if I asked Blake to be honest with me but then got mad at him for doing so. I think a lot of people pray for God’s will but really only if it matches up with what that person wants.

In the past few months, I have been given peace the moment I prayed for it and that’s a super cool feeling. I have really taken the time to look at my life and see the good in it and what I want to build on.

So I’m going to have a chill out day and get my house in order and my children organized, then I’m moving on.

My challenge to you? When you pray for God’s will, it’s a scary thing. You are giving up control. When He answers your prayers, be OK with it. No second guessing, no what-ifs, just be thankful He answered your prayer even if it’s not the answer you really wanted.


How can I argue with that?

Just another night

I’m sitting on the couch thinking that I am utterly exhausted and I can’t figure out why. The kind of tired where just getting up to go to bed is going to be a big job.

Last night I went to a wonderful play with some girlfriends. It was a much needed night out with the girls.

I was just settling down for a long autumn’s nap (Blake was sawing logs) when my first visitor arrived at my bedside. Paige’s “cheek” hurt. I got a flashlight and didn’t see anything. This has been going on for weeks. I gave her some medicine and then she decided she needed to crawl into my warm bed.

I need to interject here that I am not a fan of the family bed. My children are not fun to snuggle with. They kick, punch, and take over the entire bed. When Paige has a bad dream, she usually just camps out on our floor but not last night. Right in the middle of the bed.

It was a long night of not sleeping much when I woke up to a scream.

Parker apparently saw a ghost. It was not a friendly ghost. Guess who else ended up in my bed?

After Parker told the rest of the family all about his experience with the ghost, it was apparent there was no room for me in the bed and now my mind was wandering again. I just gave up and went to watch some tv.

I got Paige into the pediatric dentist and it looks like my Christmas present to Blake is going to be Paige’s teeth. My present from Blake is going to be Paige’s teeth. Our anniversary present is going to be…Paige’s teeth. We got bad news about her teeth. Did you figure that out? And did I mention Paige has been known to throw the BIGGEST tantrums at the dentist. Good times!

On the brighter side I got a very unexpected day out with my favorite girl and we had a fabulous time. She’s really a great kid. Let’s just hope we all survive her next visit to the dentist.

I wonder why I’m so tired? Is it bedtime yet?

Parker’s Views on the Election

I think it is very important to take our kids to vote with us.  I want them to see that we care about our country and our leaders.  Paige has been to a part of every election that I can remember since she was born.

This morning I rolled out of bed early and it was decided that Parker would be my voting buddy.  Paige would go with her dad.

So off we go…to vote for our country’s leaders.

I had promised Parker he could feed my ballot to the machine if he was good.

First of all, he was very excited to see one of his friends’ grandmas working the election.  That just made his day.  And that the other ladies noticed his cowboy boots (that he was wearing with slick pants), that was another bonus.

He picked which booth I should go to and stood nicely while I voted…until…

“Yeah, my dad really doesn’t know who he is going to vote for.”

“I’m going to vote for Batman…and Elmo.”

He wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular.  I hope that wasn’t considered campaigning at the polls.

After we voted, we stopped to put on our stickers.  He wanted to make sure that  I put his sticker right on the Batman emblem so people would know he voted for Batman.

Off we went on our day, with our vote counted.  Make sure and vote today.  You can’t complain if you don’t vote.

30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge

Last year I blogged every day about something I was thankful for.  That was fun and enlightening.  You can read the posts here and that’s just the beginning.

This year I came across a 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge that I think will be fun.  You can read all the details here.

You can follow me on Instagram at bookgirl1004 and I will hopefully put the pictures on here as well.

Day 1–Words

I may not reach everybody, but every time I reach somebody, I’m doing more than I would be doing if I were doing nothing.  -Steven L. Layne

These words are taped right next to my computer at work and I look at them numerous times throughout the day.

By the way, if you are an educator and haven’t read Steven Layne’s book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, it will change your life.