Hiding the body

7th and 8th grade science fair is starting.  My computer lab is full of science terms and great ideas for science experiments right now.  

My lovely assistant asked one of the students what she was going to do for her science fair experiment.  She told us she was seeing if bleach, soda, or water would decay bones the fastest.

I would like to preface the rest of this blog by telling you that my husband is always telling me that I ask too many questions of my students…usually the answers are shocking or just amusing.

Our first question was, where are you going to get these bones that will decay?  She assured us that they were having chicken at her house tonight so she could use the bones from that.

Sounds great, right?  I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I just had to ask.

“How is your science experiment about decaying bones going to help the world?  What are the chances that I’m going to get to pick which liquid will help decay my bones?”

Her answer…wait for it….

“You will know what to use when you need to hide the body…”

You can’t make this stuff up, my friends.  I’m living the middle school dream.


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