10 years later

I mentioned earlier this week on Facebook that this week marks 10 years ago that I had my first phone call and blind date with Blake.

Last night we broke away from the kids and had an exciting date…

First we met some people in an abandoned parking lot to sell and buy things I sold on Facebook this week…Blake said he felt like he was doing a drug deal but nope, I was just selling junk that was taking up space in my house.

Next we took a road trip to help an elderly customer of Blake’s with a curtain problem she was having.

Our next stop was dinner.

Finally we headed to Walmart for cat litter.

Wow! We are exciting!

What will our date in ten years be like? I’m guessing we will just sit in our recliners, waiting on Paige to come home from some exciting high school event and maybe Blake will get me a refill of tea when he goes to the kitchen.

I’m not complaining. This is exactly what I dreamed of as a kid.


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