Songs by Parker

It’s my first night at home this week.  I’m enjoying some quality time with my family.

Picture this:

Parker is singing random songs with Paige’s pink microphone.  I asked him to sing a song I know but he insisted on singing his own songs.  I quickly grabbed the computer so I could type some of his awesome lyrics.

Song #1:  Once upon a time there was a farmer coming over today and he didn’t know because he didn’t.  There were pumpkins today.

Song #2: Pumpkin grows and it doesn’t know what it misses but it does.

Song #3:  Once upon a time there was a farmer with a green shirt and a pumpkin he hunts.

Song #4:

Santa is not coming to town and he doesn’t come to town today.  The pumpkins come over because they are scary.  A witch came over for dinner and a farmer was at the witch’s house.  And they didn’t know what they are doing so they go back to hide and seek and they didn’t know what they were doing and there was a pot on the farm with water and spiders.

Song #5:

Santa is not coming town and they do not come to town.  The pumpkins come over today and that was Halloween.  And um, he comes over for just a minute and they don’t know what they are doing  two pumpkins come  a really big one and a tiny big one.  They do not like them today.

I’ll sell tickets next time.


Hiding the body

7th and 8th grade science fair is starting.  My computer lab is full of science terms and great ideas for science experiments right now.  

My lovely assistant asked one of the students what she was going to do for her science fair experiment.  She told us she was seeing if bleach, soda, or water would decay bones the fastest.

I would like to preface the rest of this blog by telling you that my husband is always telling me that I ask too many questions of my students…usually the answers are shocking or just amusing.

Our first question was, where are you going to get these bones that will decay?  She assured us that they were having chicken at her house tonight so she could use the bones from that.

Sounds great, right?  I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I just had to ask.

“How is your science experiment about decaying bones going to help the world?  What are the chances that I’m going to get to pick which liquid will help decay my bones?”

Her answer…wait for it….

“You will know what to use when you need to hide the body…”

You can’t make this stuff up, my friends.  I’m living the middle school dream.

10 years later

I mentioned earlier this week on Facebook that this week marks 10 years ago that I had my first phone call and blind date with Blake.

Last night we broke away from the kids and had an exciting date…

First we met some people in an abandoned parking lot to sell and buy things I sold on Facebook this week…Blake said he felt like he was doing a drug deal but nope, I was just selling junk that was taking up space in my house.

Next we took a road trip to help an elderly customer of Blake’s with a curtain problem she was having.

Our next stop was dinner.

Finally we headed to Walmart for cat litter.

Wow! We are exciting!

What will our date in ten years be like? I’m guessing we will just sit in our recliners, waiting on Paige to come home from some exciting high school event and maybe Blake will get me a refill of tea when he goes to the kitchen.

I’m not complaining. This is exactly what I dreamed of as a kid.

Great Organizing Blog

This past week, Paige was sick and I had some time on my hands.  Once I got laundry and housework caught up, I started catching up on my Google Reader and Pinterest.

Somewhere along the way, I found a new blog that I love…

This website is a great resource if you want to get your life organized.  Everything from weekly challenges like your master bedroom, to how to organize your purse.  I love organizing.  I’m always trying to achieve an organized life despite my messy tendencies.

Take a look at this website and see what you think…it might put you in the mood to organize something.

Just a little while ago

Today, my library helper was reminiscing about how much fun she had doing her biome project in 6th grade.  I told her that I think I remember doing the same project in 6th grade and I enjoyed it as well.

Then a bad thing happened.

I started doing some math.  Let’s see, 6th grade was 6 years before I graduated which makes it…22 YEARS AGO!!

Holy frijoles!

When did I get to be someone who says, “Twenty years ago…”

My helper was shocked it had been that many years.  I think she started talking about young I looked and how youthful I am…or maybe not.

It seems like yesterday I was the young, single girl at work and now I’m the middle-aged mom.  It happened in the blink of an eye.

Who’s the boss?

Picture this…

Parker is sitting on Blake’s lap with his new tractor book he got at the library today.  Blake has tried to start reading the book several times and Parker has been distracted by something.

Blake’s attention moves to the news on TV.  Parker says, “Are you going to read this book or what?”

I think we know who is in charge here.