Olympic thoughts

During the 1988 summer Olympics, I remember writing a letter to Kirk Cameron expressing my disgust that the Olympics were getting in the way of my Growing Pains watching.  I got an autographed postcard back in the mail.  After a rough start with the Olympics, I have come to love them.  Here are some of my thoughts about all things pertaining to the Olympics.

Olympic canoeing is very interesting.  It can make you stay up way later than you planned.  I learned this from experience.

I think the American men synchronized diving team would be more successful if they either both shaved or neither shaved.  This one shaved, one hairy thing was very distracting to me and I’m sure it messed them up in their performance.

I practiced my treading water skills at the pool today.  I give mad props to the water polo teams.  They are really impressive to tread water for so long and be able to lift themselves up so high to throw the ball.

I find men’s gymnastics somewhat disturbing.

I will be sending our future ER bills to the women’s gymnastic teams because they have taught my children crazy tricks.

Parker just watched a crazy spinning dive and informed me he did that today off the diving board.  I must have missed it.

The gold medals look pretty heavy.  I wonder how much they weigh.

I think my best chance of a gold medal is in skeet shooting.  That girl who won was about my age and size.  When I mentioned this to my dad tonight he reminded me that I couldn’t shoot the side of a barn and last time I did try to shoot something I had to be reminded several times not to point the gun at my fellow shooters.  I guess an Olympic medal is not in my future.

I’m very disappointed with the America uniforms.  Not because of the China fiasco but because they are ugly.

What are your favorite parts of the Olympics?  Do you watch them or avoid them?