Facebook Observations

There are certain types of things that you see on Facebook that just make me giggle all the time.

  • The person who states the obvious.  “It’s hot!”  “It’s raining!”
  • The person who’s life is a little bipolar.  They go from loving their life to hating their life around 4 times a day
  • The person who thinks everyone else is stupid and they do no wrong
  • Vague posts like “Pray for the so and so family” but not telling why
  • The “Like if you love Jesus” pictures.  I don’t think I have to prove my love for Jesus by liking a picture of a dove…I’m just saying
  • Random song lyrics that make no sense
  • The picture in the bathroom mirror pose…what is this about?  I try not to take pictures of myself so I’m not sure fascination here.
  • The pregnant girl who refuses to show a belly shot…THIS MEANS YOU KIM BALDWIN!!
  • Status updates that have a lot missing…Example:  “Finally home from the hospital”  Uh, wait?  Why were you in the hospital?
  • Getting unfriended by someone you think might be crazy.  How dare THEY unfriend you.

I enjoy Facebook.  I really enjoy seeing all of the pictures of my friends and family.  It makes it a lot easier to keep up with whatever one else is doing.

With this said, if one of your Facebook pet peeves is people posting annoying stuff about their kid, you might want to block or unfriend me.  I’m just documenting all the crazy stuff that Parker does so that when he is famous for being a crazy comedian, I will have proof of why he needs to build me a new house.

I put pictures of my crazy kids on here for my long-distance family.  It’s a lot easier than emailing each picture individually.

So if  you get tired of it, sorry.

What are the things people put on Facebook that makes you giggle?


One thought on “Facebook Observations

  1. Jennifer Z says:

    Haha! I have one friend who likes to talk about their bowel movements – in depth!
    Oh and the pout picture. What’s up with the gazillion pouty looks, which are usually self portraits taken in the mirror!

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