Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

I would like to apologize for everything I put you through during my childhood.  All of the smart remarks, mouthy comebacks and disrespect (I’m sure some of you are shocked that I did any of that).

It’s true.  I spent most of my life from age 7 or 8 until 14 in my room grounded for something I probably said.

The reason for my apology?  Yesterday, I got a preview of what Paige’s preteen years are going to be like and it isn’t pretty.  Let’s just say at one point I asked her if she thought she was smarter than me.

It was not a good day and I’m dreading the years to come.  Hopefully she will be smart like my brother.  When I was maybe 14 and he was 7, I remember one night that I had mouthed off and got grounded.  My brother came in and asked me why I didn’t wait to say the mouthy comments into my pillow once I got to my room.  He informed me I would get in a lot less trouble.  I never could figure that out.  Hopefully, Paige will listen to his advice.

Between Parker’s comedic acts and Paige’s drama, this momma definitely keeps busy.  How many days til school starts??


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