Anything is possible

I’m exhausted.

In the last 24 hours, I have…
1. Picked over 300 ears of corn (with the help of some of my favorite farmers and my husband)
2. Shucked, cleaned and froze all of the above mentioned corn
3. Canned 3 rounds of bread and butter pickles
4. Cleaned and canned a big sack of green beans
5. Cleaned out the fridge and freezer to make room for all this produce
6. Picked tonight’s selection of veggies from the garden that included zucchini, cucumbers, banana peppers and cherry tomatoes
7. Cooked a new recipe for dinner.

As I sit here waiting patiently for my last cans of green beans to be finished, I just had to giggle.

Ten years ago I could barely cook Hamburger Helper. With the help of Rachel Ray and my friend, Teresa, I have made a complete turn around.

I don’t like a lot of the foods Rachel Ray makes but I learned the basics from her. (how to cut up things, how to ad lib a little with recipes).

Teresa once told me (back in my single days) that I needed to learn to cook to be more marketable. I would sit at her kitchen counter and be in awe of all the things she would can and make for her family.

Well Teresa, I took your example and ran with it. You would be proud of me, you might not even recognize me.

It was a lot of work today but when I’m chowing down on sweet corn in February, I will be glad I put in the effort.


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