The big question

So I’m hanging out with my favorite 6 year old when she asks a big question.

We’ve got to spend some time with my awesome and pregnant friend, Kim.

Here comes the question…

Can you guess?

Mom, how do babies get in people’s bellies?


I first played some defense…how do you think it happens Paige? Nope that didn’t work

So here’s my brilliant answer…when a husband and wife really love each other they ask God for a baby and he gives them one.

Paige’s comment was yeah that’s probably right.

It worked for now. She changed the subject. We can get the details worked out another day.

Oh gee, I’m not ready for this heavy stuff.



One thought on “The big question

  1. memyselfandkids says:

    I hear you. My older son asked a similar question I did not expect to hear. Anyway, I answered him honestly. I thought it was going to be the beggining of a big discussion but he was content with the single q&a. Close one.

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