The evolution of the suit

I found out something about my son that I didn’t know this week.

During our shopping adventures with my grandparents, we came along the cutest little suit for Parker.  I thought it was super cute but wasn’t sure how he would react to it.

When my grandma gave Parker the suit later that evening, his eyes got super big and he said, “Awesome!”  Immediately he had to try it on.

To say that Parker liked the suit would be a huge understatement!  He immediately decided that he needed to go sell furniture with his dad who wears a tie every day.  Parker also got upset that he could not wear his suit for our 13 hour trip home the next day.  I can’t wait to get the pants hemmed a little so he can strut his stuff!

Parker and his love for suits made me remember another little blonde boy who used to love suits.  My brother always wanted to dress up in suits for church when we were kids.  I had to have my mom send me some of these epic pictures to show where Parker’s love of suits comes from. 

I apologize now to my brother although he is the cute one.  I also think that anyone who is my real friend will not make any comments about my appearances in these pictures or I will not pull anything from the family archives again.  (The real question is why do kids today not go through an awkward stage?  Mine lasted for 10 years  🙂


 After all those crazy pictures, we didn’t turn out to bad!Adam’s love of suits has not turned out so bad, so I am going to keep encouraging  my son to wear suits.


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