Random Ramblings

1.  I don’t reread books or rewatch movies very often.  Two exceptions:  You’ve Got Mail & 13 Going on 30…You’ve Got Mail is on right now while I’m cooking dinner.  I’m a happy girl!

2.  My garden is starting to have results.  I love this time of year!

3.  Watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix makes me miss a simpler time that seemed so complex at the time.  It also makes me miss my college roommates awesome cooking!

4.  I am reading grown up books and loving every page of it

5.  Vacation Bible School starts at my church tomorrow.  If you have nothing to do this week in the evening, make the drive out to Rinehart.  It’s worth it!  There’s a great meal every night too!  (Translation:  No cooking for me!!)  I hope to see you there?  Let me know if you want more details.

6.  One more week of work and I’m a free woman, if I can get everything done.  I’m ready for the lazy days of summer.


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