The evidence is clear…

My mind is gone.  I’m not sure when this happened, maybe it’s been gradual, but it’s gone.

Let’s start at the beginning…I used to be the girl who could remember everyone who I ever went to school with, every teacher, everyone I went to camp with…I could remember it all.  I have 2 solid instances that have assured me that my mind has left the building…


My mom’s birthday was a couple weeks ago.  The kids and I went up to spend the evening with her and take her to dinner.  (Blake was out of town)  We had a great evening, great food and were sitting out in the yard watching the kids play.  Mom and I had a whole conversation about how she hadn’t received a birthday gift from my grandma (which was highly unusual).  That evening after we got home, I called my grandma to see if she liked the Mother’s Day card I had gotten her and she asked what Mom thought of the gift Grandma gave her…WHAT?

Oh I completely forgot! When we were in Ohio on spring break, my grandma gave me mom’s birthday present so she would have it.  Yeah, I totally forgot even when Mom and I were discussing it.  It gets even funnier when you think about the fact that right after we got home from Ohio I realized I had misplaced the gift.  Blake and I were searching our house late one night until we finally found it and then we put it somewhere we would never forget…


The day before Mother’s Day, I talked to my brother and told him I would pick up something for him for our mom.  My plan was to get two matching flower pots for her deck.  Parker and I were on the mission to find flowers while Paige attended a birthday party.  Parker started throwing fits and we never even made it inside some of the stores because I refused to take him in while he was throwing a fit…Mother’s Day came and I still had nothing for my mom so I ended up just getting her a gift certificate…

My brother is in town this weekend and wants to know what he owes me for the Mother’s Day present…Whoop!


I work really hard to teach my children to be considerate of others and to be thoughtful.  Last summer Paige and I worked really hard on those two traits because they just aren’t around that much in society.

I do not consider myself an inconsiderate person.

I believe that Parker is somehow sucking the brain out of my body.  Summer break can’t get here fast enough…


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