Here we go!

Do you know how long I’ve wanted to go to DisneyWorld? As long as I can remember. I was in high school and still receiving Disney related Christmas presents. Then the Baptists boycotted Disney for awhile. It was horrible!
So tomorrow my little family will embark on the adventure I have waited for my whole life. I am beyond excited!

For those of you who enjoy the escapades of him children, here are a few already:
Parker is currently on a corn only diet, apparently.
Paige has decided she would like to own hotels when she grows up. Seriously, my daughter loves hotels more than anything.
Parker has begun a new stage today where he randomly makes up songs. We endured a very long song about poop a little while ago.
It’s going to be an adventure, I’m sure. I’ll keep you posted.

Update: I forgot to tell you that Paige accidentally shot catsup in her eye during dinner.
Right after we had the kids in Jammie’s in the hotel getting ready to settle down for a busy day, Blake’s shoe literally fell apart and we had to make an emergency run to a shoe store.
Maybe I was the cause of all the crazy Appleberry family vacations. Interesting events are following me…


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