Day at the K

The Kansas City Royals have a big part of my childhood.  My dad is an avid Royals fan.  I grew up watching and listening to the games.  I also grew up going to Kauffman Stadium and experiencing the games first hand.  I’m sure my mom has some great pictures of us suffering through 100+ degree days at the ballpark!

Some of my favorite memories include seeing numerous people thrown out of the old General Admission for bringing in alcohol and other crazy stuff.  For awhile, I knew the head of security by sight because I have seen him throw people out so many times.  Then there was the time I went to a game with some friends and a guy stripped off all of his clothes and jumped the fence.  The streaker ran clear across the outfield, slid into second base before getting tackled in right field.  Watching Jermaine Dye just shake his head as the naked dude ran by him still makes me chuckle.  I always enjoyed a Colossal Dog, Friday night fireworks and whatever antics Slugger was up to.

Imagine my excitement when I got to chaperon the 7th grade field trip to tour Kauffman stadium!  Now I will admit, I usually dread field trips but usually have a great time once I get there.  This trip was no exception but once I could see the stadium, my spirits were lifted.

We had a great tour guide named Ben who showed us the inner workings of the stadium.  I was disappointed to not run into my first crush, George Brett, but it was an awesome day!  My group of students were not Royals or even baseball fans so guess who knew all the answers to the trivia questions…yep it was me!  Reminds me of when the Royals players used to come visit our school every year and I would be one of the only girls who knew the answer to the trivia questions so they would pick me to answer and I would get to go shake their hands…that was awesome!  Anyway, back to the tour…


We didn’t get to go in the Royals Clubhouse but we did get to see the visitor’s clubhouse!


Next we got to walk on the rubber mat that the Royals walk on to their dugout!



Next up, the interview room.  I got to pretend to be the manager and field some questions from the “media”.


The tour guide told us we couldn’t use the microphone.  I never touched it.  (I would like to point out that I took this picture after the students I was in charge of had left the room.  They did not witness me “bending” the rules)


I was kind of obsessed with George Brett when I was a kid.  I even thought I might marry him some day.  My students found this highly amusing today and we were excited to find a picture of my guy!


Next up, to the pressbox!


We ate lunch outside on a beautiful May day at the K.  After lunch, the students go to go into the Hall of Fame and participate in class activities that used baseball to teach science, math and history.  Overall I think it was a pretty good field trip and I’m glad I got to go.

On the way out, our tour guide, Ben, told me that he hoped the students enjoyed it half as much as I did.  I guess my excitement was noticeable!  Ha!  

I took these pictures for my Dad and also my brother who are the two biggest Royals fans I know.  I got excited when I saw pictures of the first All Star Game at Kauffman stadium because I know my dad was part of that history.  I wish there was a way we could get to the All Star game this year!  (If anyone would like to get us there, I would appreciate it, wink, wink)  We will keep rooting for our Royals whether they win or lose all the days of our life. It’s in our blood.  I always think that it’s easy to be a fan of a winning team but when you stick with a team like the Royals, that takes true dedication.

Go Royals!



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