Burn it out

Much to my enjoyment, I am in the middle of a Beth Moore Bible study with a wonderful group of ladies.  There is not much that beats sitting around learning about God with a multi-generational group of ladies.  I love to learn from women who are older than me.  They have been through it and made it out alive!  I love to make friendships that go beyond the bible studies and I love to learn about the bible and all the things God has for us to learn.

Last night, during the video, Beth Moore said something like this (paraphrased)…”God wants to burn the fake right out of us.  He wants us to be geniune.”

This has stuck with me ever since I heard her say that.  I’m a pretty real person.  If I am feeling an emotion, you can probably read it right on my face.  Actually, the ability for other people to be fake really astonishes me.  I can’t tell you the number of times people have burned me because I believed what they said or how they acted when in all seriousness they were just pretending.

Why do so many people hide their real emotions?  Why do we all pretend everything is fine?  Why can’t we confide in one another and learn from others struggles?

I have found this to be true so many times, especially while having young kids.  Why do so many moms of little ones act like everything is alright when in all reality, they have fought to get their little one to bed for two hours the night before, or they combed lice out of their daughter’s hair?  Why can’t we use our experiences to help one another instead of putting on a perfect face like our house is Leave it to Beaver’s houes?

I just don’t get it.  I care.  I want to share previous experiences I have had with others who are going through it.  I want others to tell me how they survived what I’m dealing with.  Even with this blog, I will write about one of the many escapades that my children are currently involved in and I will see people in Walmart who will tell me they know exactly what I’m going through.  Let’s help each other.

(Maybe it’s the librarian in me)  I just want to pool our resources and not reinvent the wheel.  Anybody ready to be real with me?


One thought on “Burn it out

  1. Rod Caldwell says:

    Amy, in my opinion people are not open and truthful due to fear. In Luke we find the disciples after Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in a room behind a locked door, when Jesus appeared to them he said, Peace unto you, and be not afraid. We may ask why was the door locked? Assumption-they were afraid that their association with Jesus would cause them to have the same consequences, knowing they couldn’t have victory over the grave. In their presence Jesus had to convince these disciples that it was really Him even though He taught them that He would come again, to the extent that He showed the nail and spear piercings. Thomas was still skeptical and actually had to touch these wounds. Jesus was genuine and preceded to send them out breathing the Holy Ghost upon them. Because of our sinful nature we guard our emotions, feelings, failures and successes due to others comments, reticule and abuse. When we ask others – how are you? Do we really want the answer? Truthfully most will say no! When one lets their guard down and finds their trust has been taken advantage of another dead bolt goes on the door, this repeats itself over and over again until it’s impossible to completely unlock the door.

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