A Stolen Moment

When I lived at home, it was not an uncommon thing for my mom and I to stay up late talking.  She has always been one of my best friends.  Actually, it’s still not uncommon for us to stay up way past our bedtime talking on the phone about life and all the crazy things that are going on.  My mom’s opinion is always one of the first that I seek when I need to figure out how to handle something.  I will admit, I don’t always listen to her advice or agree with it but I always want to know what she thinks.

Last night was a momentous occasion for me.  After a crazy evening of church, snacks, bedtime stories, and all that goes along with bedtimes, Paige called me in her room.  It seems a few nights ago she had a bad dream.  At the time, she did not want to talk to me about it but for some reason she decided last night was the time to talk about it.  (I’m sure it wasn’t just so she could stay up a little later )

I sat on Paige’s bed in the dark and we talked about her dream.  We talked about the fact that yet another boy thinks she is his girlfriend, and we talked about what our Easter plans were.  My daughter already fascinates me by the things that she thinks about, worries about, and cares about.  Last night was a look into our future of what I hope are millions of talks just like that one, even if it is just to stay awake a little longer.


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