My Hunger Games Career

In my career, I get the privileged to read many books that teenagers read.  If you aren’t aware, the Young Adult genre is exploding these days and it is not a curse to have to read them.  They are actually really good!

Approximately three years ago, I read one of the most intriguing books I have ever read.  I shared it with every teacher, student and friend who would listen.  Only a handful of them came back disappointed.  Most everyone came back  begging for the next book.  My word, even my husband read it and he had not read a book in the entire length of our marriage.  Hunger Games is a great book.

I have been disappointed by many a book turned movie and was scared to get excited about Hunger Games.

As I went to the most anticipated movie in a long while (in my opinion), I sat and cried, covered my eyes, jumped out of my seat and giggled every time I thought they had cast a character perfectly.  That movie stressed me out even though I knew how it ended!  But boy oh boy was it good!

So this got me to thinking, how long would I last if I were a tribute?  Some of you who know me well would giggle because exercise is not something I enjoy or partake in very regularly.  So here’s the rundown:

As soon as the games started, I would hightail it in the opposite direction of every one else because I am a coward.  I would find a hiding place and I feel like I could outlast maybe 10 tributes or so.  I would probably die from starvation or a silly mistake in survival because all of my survival skills come from watching all of the seasons of Survivor.

I wouldn’t last long and I’m not much of a tree climber so I hope the world never turns to the ways of the Hunger Games.  I do have bad news for you.  If you read very many of these YA books, you are going to realize that the future is looking very grim.

Have you read The Hunger Games?  What’s stopping you?  You will like it, I don’t care who you are (or at least be intrigued by it)  Take a step on the wild side of YA, you will find something fun, I promise!

PS  I have started a library blog for all things in my professional life.  Everything from book reviews to clever things I do to trick kids into reading books.  If you are interested in reading it, you can find it here.


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