What a week!

We have had a crazy week around here!

It all started last Saturday.  The kids and I didn’t have any plans so we thought we would head up to Butler to hang out with my parents for awhile.  I noticed Paige was moving slow and it turned out she had a temperature.  That pesky temperature was actually the dreaded INFLUENZA A and it stuck around until the end of the week.  Paige missed a whole week of school!  Parker joined in on the fun Tuesday but we got him to the doctor quickly so he got the good meds and was feeling better by Thursday.

Yesterday afternoon, finally the fevers were gone so we decided to get the kids outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day.  Paige was chauffeuring Parker around in their gator.


An unfortunate combination of Paige started to drive as Parker was standing up in the back, resulted in Parker’s forehead meeting the concrete.  In a rush of tears, blood and screams, we got Parker inside and cleaned up.  It’s a good thing he’s tough.  Paige would still be crying if it had been her.  I gave him some “medicine” and off he went.

After we ran off some energy, we settled in for our Friday night Pizza Night and Big 12 Basketball (Can you feel my excitement?).  Both kids feel asleep and it was only 6:00!  I let them sleep for a little while so I could take advantage of the quiet time and get some things done (Read:  bubble bath and read a good book).  It was obvious, they weren’t waking up.  This lead to a horrible worry that the kids were going to wake up in the middle of the night and we were going to having to be ready for the day.  I also was worried about Parker’s head injury and his sleeping.  I made Blake trek across the house several times to make sure he was breathing and he was fine.

Paige woke up at 9:30.  We watched a little Project Runway Allstars and I left her to do her crafts and watch cartoons.  She tells me she stayed up all night, but I don’t quite believe her.  Parker slept until 7:30 this morning!  I was shocked but apparently he needed it.

I’m ready for a new week and especially this spring break week.  (Although Paige’s spring break started a week ago, I guess)  We are going to get healthy and have some fun if it’s the last thing we do!  We hope to go visit my grandparents and family in Ohio at the end of the week.  One of my best friends from college is having twins ANY DAY and I hope they come while we are in Ohio so I can visit them.  If not, I will just settle for visiting with my friend.  I hope you have some fun this week even if it’s not your spring break.

I’m off to KC to find some adventures!


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