And now ladies and gentleman, a look back in time…

Once upon a time I was a young girl who was in love with…

I even wrote him a letter during the 1988 Olympics complaining because Growing Pains was postponed because of the Olympics.  (I did get an autographed postcard back from him)

So for my birthday, my mom decided to get us tickets to Starlight Theater to see Oliver starring…KIRK CAMERON!  I was so excited I could hardly stand it!

What a surprise we were in for!

When we got to Starlight Theater, it seemed that somehow my mom had been misinformed, got confused, lied, I’m not sure what happened because my love was not actually starring in Oliver.  I was crushed.  But it did open my eyes to a new man.

I was introduced to Davvy Jones!  He was actually starring in Oliver!  After my initial shock of not seeing my future husband, I did end up enjoying the show and becoming a Davvy Jones fan.

I am to young to say Davvy Jones was a childhood crush of mine.  I used to watch reruns of The Monkeys.  I know their songs.  I remember watching The Brady Bunch when he came to visit Marsha.

After I watched the magic of live theater + Davvy Jones, I always had  a special place in my heart for Mr. Davvy Jones.

So our world lost a great guy today!!  Davvy Jones, I know I’m younger than most of the people in your fan club, but I am a fan.  Thanks for the fun, the music, the memories!  And thanks Mom for making the mistake.  I forgive you.


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