The Whole Truth

If you have read this blog much or know me, you know that I’m a pretty real person.  I have a hard time being fake or insincere.  Sometimes this doesn’t work out to well for me because it’s very hard for me to pretend to like someone that I don’t like.  I love my job but I am truthful that every day at the middle school is not a cake walk.  I have a great marriage but I’m the first one to say that the first year was tough.  I love my kids but they do drive me crazy…

Which brings me to tonight’s topic…

My children are taking over our house.

Parker is totally a terrible two.  He is full of tantrums, screaming, crying, hitting and being an overall pill.  We can’t keep him in bed.  We try the Super Nanny techniques but it doesn’t work.  All of this horrid behavior turns me into a mom I’m not proud of.  I don’t like to have to yell and spank.  I want to be able to reason. It’s not working.

And then there’s Paige.  Sweet, beautiful Paige, who threw such a tantrum at the dentist office today that I’m embarrassed to go back there.  When Paige was smaller she was quite a drama queen.  I thought she had gotten control of herself but the past month and a half, she has been going back to her old ways.  She threw such a hit today that she wore herself out and was asleep by the time the doctor came in the room.  He examined her teeth while she slept and I just prayed she wouldn’t have a cavity because how in the world would we get through that?

I go to Walmart and I see crazy kids.  Let’s be honest, there are crazy kids at my school.  I don’t understand how my kids got to be in that category.  I discipline them, I love them, I take care of all of their needs yet I just had to go back to put Parker to bed for the 7,530 time tonight and he is still screaming…

Here’s my theory.  I think we all have these issues but most people don’t want anyone else to know.  At the beginning of the school year, Paige had lice.  I was mortified.  Here’s what I learned, everyone has had lice too but no one talks about it.

I want to be able to have fun with my kids and not punish them all the time.  I keep telling myself that Parker is 2, it will get better.  I guess I just need some reassurance.  Anybody else want to go to a desert island with me??


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