A Non-relaxing day off

I’ve been looking forward to having President’s Day off work.  Normally, having the day off on President’s Day is a pipe dream.  It is on the school calendar as a day off but because of weather we never seem to actually get to take it off.

I had made my to-do list and even stayed up late last night cleaning out my DVR so I wouldn’t be tempted to sit and catch up on my highly intellectual TV programs.  (Think to yourself:  Big Rich Texas, any Real Housewives, etc.)

My son had other plans for me.  We started our morning out with him yelling at me because he did not want to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  (He has it tough doesn’t he?)  The morning continued with tantrums, screaming, and fits of falling on the floor over the tiniest incidents (These were all by Parker but I wanted to join in)

Through all this craziness I did manage to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning, do laundry, get dinner ready, and I’m sure some other stuff but it was in the midst of all the crazy that is Parker.

At one point, Parker was crawling around on the floor while scooting his head on the carpet.  I warned him he was going to hurt his head, but did he listen?  Nope. My son now has a bright red carpet burn on his forehead.  I’m so proud.

I have to say Paige was a really big helper today.  I complimented her and she said she just thought she should be a good example to her brother.  She got many chores done off our list too.

I think I can sum up this day by one conversation we just had at the dinner table.  As Paige got ready to pray before we ate, I told her to remember to pray for Grandma Margie who had surgery today and also to pray that Parker would make better decisions.  She prayed for them along with “all the people having surgery” and “those Army boys”.  We went on with our dinner (which was really good and I’m planning to blog the recipe soon) and Parker continued to act crazy.  Paige says, “Well I don’t think God was listening about Parker making good decisions.”  I assured her God was doing His job but Parker wasn’t listening.

Parker is definitely in his Terrible Twos…Lord give me strength and patience.

I hope you had the day off today, you took advantage of it and if not, at least you had a productive day.


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